Tobacco Free Living

A Property Manager’s Guide to Adopting a Smokefree Policy

Living tobacco free is one of the most impactful choices you can make to improve your health, live longer and protect those around you!

It also means minimizing your exposure to secondhand smoke where you live, work and play.

Healthy Northland partners with the American Lung Association in Minnesota to improve lives by promoting lung health in our region with policy change work and programs. Examples include:

  • Resources and trainings to diverse public health leaders and organizations throughout the region
  • Smokefree Housing policies (get started with resource to the right) that protect individuals, children and families renters from harmful smoke exposure in multi-unit housing
  • Policies that impact the retail sale environment and reduce access and use of tobacco products by youth and adults. 
  • Tobacco cessation support for anyone who wants to quit smoking
  • Information and support for workplace wellness efforts in the region
  • Training for professionals in the behavioral health and substance abuse settings to increase the level of cessation support for their disproportionately impacted patients
  • Advocacy efforts to reduce the use of e-cigarettes, menthol and flavored tobacco in our communities


COVID-19 and Tobacco Free Living