Shane Troumbly, Itasca County Local SHIP Coordinator

My name is Shane. I have done a number of different things in my career. I have a BS in Science and an MA in Education. I started with Itasca county in 2013 as a financial worker working primarily with the MNSure program. During this time, I started to help with the worksite wellness group, writing and editing monthly newsletters. Three years later I moved over to Itasca Medical Care where I worked as a Data Project/Coordinator running the HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) project. In that role, I was able to dig through claims data and see where the population was in regards to health.

I was also able to be part of various initiatives that sought to improve the wellness of our clients. I have been a member of the Trout Lake Fire Department since 2014, where I am a fire fighter and first responder. Moving to Public Health in 2021 has been rewarding. It’s helped me utilize my skill sets and actually teach some health outreach classes. I look forward to continuing to reach out to members of the community and businesses to help improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

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