Farm to School Recipes

"Kids tasting new foods provides an edible education for a lifetime." --Arelene Coco Buncombe

The Sustainable School Kitchen  is a free book of recipes using healthy and local produce. Any school is welcome to use it. Some recipes are in small batches for taste tests and others are made to serve 200. It was developed by Arlene Coco, a local Culinary Specialist, at the conclusion of a Farm to School initiative in Duluth and Lake County. The work was made possible by a USDA and a local Victory Fund grant.

If your school uses any of the recipes, let us know how it goes in the comment section below or on Facebook.

Her contact information is below.
Arlene Coco Buscombe
Culinary Specialist
Servsafe Initial and Renewal Classes info:
Facebook: Cocos latest bite

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