What’s Farm to School?

If you asked students from the photo above you might hear that Farm to School is fun! It’s a way to garden, get dirty, be outside and later eat some tasty, healthy food. And that is certainly part of what Farm to school is, but it’s a lot more.

Farm to school has multiple benefits. It creates healthy school food environments that improve eating behaviors, increase knowledge about nutrition and agriculture, and the environment. It can also benefit local farmers, strengthen community connections and the economy.

But here? In the Healthy Northland Arrowhead region? Absolutely! Here’s just one example of a positive Farm to school initiative in Aitkin County:

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Starting a successful Farm to school program takes time. There are many ways to begin. This document will give you some guidelines to get started.
As you’re learning about Farm to school work, like our HealthyNorthlandFarmtoSchool Facebook page to see what’s happening in the region.

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