NE Minnesota Succeeds in Breastfeeding Advocacy

May 25, 2017 Comments Off on NE Minnesota Succeeds in Breastfeeding Advocacy

Low numbers are good when discussing the rate of infants receiving formula after delivery.

According to MDH, in 2015 just 15 percent of NE Minnesota WIC infants were fed formula in the hospital, showing the success of breastfeeding advocacy in the region. Other areas in the state ranged from 33 to 56 percent.

Babies who are fed only breast milk during their hospital stay are more likely to continue breastfeeding throughout their early lives – and get the benefits that come with breastfeeding, like a stronger immune system.

Breastfeeding has been supported in Northeastern Minnesota through SHIP since 2009. Efforts have made hospitals, clinics and workplaces friendlier for breastfeeding moms. Click here to learn more about breastfeeding education and coalitions in the Northland.