Decision fatigue defeated!

April 26, 2018 Comments Off on Decision fatigue defeated!

The average person makes 227 decisions just around food a day!

Making decisions is taxing! It can wear us out. It’s no wonder we can loose all control and become impulsive or make unhealthy choices at the end of the day. It even has a name.  It’s called “decision fatigue” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The quality of our decisions goes down after having made many decisions.

This is why changing our food environment at work, home and school can keep people healthier and even more alert. Reduce your choices and you’ll reduce the decisions you need to make. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Make one decision right now to give up sugar sweetened pop. When you are given a choice to have it, you already have your decision made.
  2. Create a healthier workplace, including adding healthier options in the vending or snack stations. When you make a decision, you’ll at least have a chance of making a healthy choice.
  3. Decide where snacks will be kept; ideally out of sight so that if you are fatigued, you won’t be tempted by them.
  4. Food prep: it’s worth it. Cut up fruits and veggies and keep them in a place you’ll see them easily at home or in the office.
  5. Get rid of the junk food. This seems so obvious. But just because you can avoid it now doesn’t mean you can later. Better to remove the choice.
  6. Having a pot luck at work? Challenge everyone to bring healthy dishes. It’ll create great conversation, too.
  7. If you’re a teacher that encourages families to bring in snacks, provide the families with a list of healthy ones.

There are plenty more ways to reduce the decisions you have to make every day. Hopefully, you’ll make a decision to discover them.