Walk Through Winter

No one said living in the Northland was easy – but here we all are, at the unpredictable and jagged edge of winter. It’s a season that invigorates some who ski or bounce over trails on their fat tire bikes. But for many of us, our exercise of choice is a nice long walk. And aren’t we the smart ones – no costly equipment or fees. And we can do it anywhere – almost.

When conditions are too cold, too icy, too windy, too dark, winter raises opportunities for creative walking options. In many Northland cities shopping malls provide a well-lit and safe place to walk in wide, flat hallways. Walkers in Grand Rapids do that as well as use their big arena. Schools offer great places for winter walking in the Lake Superior School District where community members can get a pass to walk in the William Kelley School, Minnehaha, or Two Harbors High School hallways. Of course Duluth has a great Skywalk system that offers both a safe place to walk and plenty to look at along the way. If you take the orange route (see map) you will find your way to the DECC to walk laps.

While the hallways in your apartment might not make for the most scenic walk, you can at least plug into music or your favorite podcast or book.

You’ll be rewarded for making the extra effort to walk. Your stress level will decrease, your circulation will improve and if you practice good walking form your joints will thank you. The benefits to walking are endless.

So make a deal with yourself and decide: Where will you walk when you can’t face the outdoors? Your Northland neighbors want to know.