Find a bike!

In the Northland, we value our seasons. They are so clearly defined here. And as winter transitions into spring many people start anticipating how they’ll enjoy the next season.

Spring will take the ice off our walking routes, get us thinking and planning our gardens or signing up for community gardens. And many of us will dig our bikes out from the back of the garage. It’s a hopeful springtime chore to dust them off, get those tires pumped and make sure any repairs are attended to before that first blissful ride that may make you feel like a kid again.

But if biking is only a dream for you, there are many options in the Northland to help you gain access to a bike for fun or transportation:

  • Duluth: Continental Ski & Bike’s Bike Swap is a great way to sell, donate and buy bikes. Though it’s called a “Swap” you don’t need to sell a bike to buy one. You can simply show up and find some reasonably-priced bikes for the whole family.
  • Grand Rapids: Whether you need transportation or recreation you have the option to borrow a bike in Grand Rapids. This Community Bike Share program  is free for residents and visitors.

If your community offers a way to bike that is affordable and accessible, we’d like to know. Use the “Drop Us a Note” feature below. Thank you!

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