Active Living


59 Paved Trails in N.E. MN!

Active living is for everyone. It’s easy to get all the physical activity you need to be healthy when you build it into your daily life. That doesn’t mean you have to go to a gym. It means being active during your daily routine: walking or biking to work, school or to go shopping. It also means playing in the park, taking the stairs, participating in sports you enjoy, and knowing where to find great walking and biking trails. For you, it may mean standing and stretching during commercial breaks on TV, dancing, stretching, gardening, or cleaning. Chasing after grand children is known to offer active living opportunities, too!

Communities and schools can help make active living easier.

A Healthy Northland priority is the support of the Active Arrowhead interactive map.  This web based tool shows all of the trails, parks, and facilities where residents and visitors can be active. Healthy Northland supports active living initiatives across northeast Minnesota.

Active Living and COVID-19

Even during COVID-19, everyone is encouraged to strive to meet physical activity recommendations:

With many local parks and trails closed, streets or roadways may be the only place to walk and bike: 

Guidance for parks and trails: 

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