Andrea Orest – Cook County SHIP Coordinator

I started with the SHIP program at Sawtooth Mountain Clinic at the end of November 2018.  In our local program, I mainly work with the SRTS committee, Active Living Steering Committee, Pedestrian Plan Committee, Highway 61 Steering Committee.  I have a professional background in providing supports and connecting resources for persons with traumatic brain injury and severe and persistent mental illness.  I also attended culinary school for patisserie and baking!  Community building and connections is my passion behind my professional career, which is how I was led to this position.  It is a great role to bring people together, rally support for each other and search out opportunities for further community building and growth.

My family moved to Grand Marais in the fall of 2016.  My husband and I have 4 sons, and we all appreciate of the opportunities our area has to offer, such as camping, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, biking, and so many more! 

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