Students Educate their State Representatives

February 27, 2017 Comments Off on Students Educate their State Representatives

Students meet with Representative Mary Murphy at the State Capitol.

On February 22 three students from Two Harbors High School joined a group from the American Lung Association to lobby at the capitol for stronger tobacco prevention and control. Thank you students! These students were part of the bigger Minnesota Smoke-free Generation Day at the capital. Equipped with stories about how big tobacco targets them, young leaders educated their Representatives and Senators on how candy and menthol flavored products are used to lure their family and friends into a lifetime of tobacco addition.

Our local Two Harbors students were amazing and their passion shined so brightly! Abigail Hefter even wrote and recited a poem in front of an audience of about 200 youth and adults about her personal passion for this work.

These students are making a difference! Thank you Max Dillon, Abigail Hefter and Jackson Leon.