, Logan Smith enjoys a salad during snack time at Sawtooth Elementary School in Grand Marais, Minn. Logan’s class grew the lettuce throughout the winter using tower gardens in his classroom. Photo courtesy of Betsy Jorgenson.

Indoor gardens produce fresh snacks year-round in Cook County

December 27, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Students in Cook County are learning to grow plants and snacking on fresh veggies during class, thanks to gardens transported into the classroom. Cook County has had a school district wellness committee since 2007. One result of the committee’s work has been a school-based agriculture project at the elementary school. During the 2016-2017 school year, a teacher found a way... Continue Reading


The Future of Food, Health, and the Economy: What Can We Bring to the Table?

December 13, 2017 Leave your thoughts

By Heidi Klingelhofer, Aitkin County Statewide Health Improvement Partnership intern When consumers, producers, distributors, and purchasers come together, it is amazing the things that can be accomplished. On Friday, December 1st, 2017 nearly sixty people from Northeastern Minnesota came together at Messiah Lutheran Church in Mountain Iron to discuss a common goal: increasing access to locally-sourced foods. Among the attendees... Continue Reading

When Bigger Isn’t Better

November 22, 2017 Leave your thoughts

When norms change, we change. That has certainly been the case regarding food and portion sizes. In Dr. Wendy Scinta’s blog The History of Portion Sizes: How They’ve Changed Over Time. It’s hard to dispute the simplicity of her point: the new norms around portion sizes of our favorite foods is hurting us. See the graphic below to understand how much... Continue Reading

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Students at McGregor School District Dig Their Farmers!

October 17, 2017 Leave your thoughts

This month, students at McGregor School District will be eating squash grown by Gilby’s Nursery & Orchard in Palisade, MN. If you or your school aren’t sure what to do with  squash, you can stop wondering now! Learn everything you need to know from this Squash-Harvest of The Month Family Newsletter  provided by Aitkin County SHIP and partners. You’ll find... Continue Reading

Unique Local Champions Promote Healthy Eating!

December 16, 2016 Leave your thoughts

When Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) coordinators work in schools or cities or other settings, they often have someone they call “a champion.” These are the key people who are great to work with because they are excited to help make healthy choices easy choices for everyone. They are the ones who say “Yes! Let’s have walking meetings at work,” or... Continue Reading

Beet Hummus recipe

May 16, 2016 Leave your thoughts

This spring, students in Duluth, Two Harbors and Silver Bay got the chance to test taste beet hummus in their lunchrooms as part of the Healthy Northland Farm to School initiative. Students at East High School in Duluth gave the hummus great reviews – 112 said they want it served again, 66 said it was okay and only seven said... Continue Reading