Swim, Work Out, and Play this Spring in Two Harbors!

February 9, 2017 Comments Off on Swim, Work Out, and Play this Spring in Two Harbors!

Two Harbors City Recreation announces Adult Activity Night at the Two Harbors High School where participants can swim, workout in the fitness center and play a variety of games in the gym. It’s only $30 for three months!  Details here: Adult Activity Nights Rec Board

Be a Leader!

January 24, 2017 Comments Off on Be a Leader!

You could be the one to make a difference in someone’s life. Do you have personal experience dealing with falls or an ongoing chronic health condition?  Or do you have life experience living with a family member who has fallen or is living with a chronic illness? If yes, the Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging is seeking volunteers or professionals... Continue Reading

Turn a Walking Goal into Real Pleasure for the New Year

December 28, 2016 Comments Off on Turn a Walking Goal into Real Pleasure for the New Year

Does walking give you pleasure? It improves your circulation; it strengthens your bones. It even leads to a longer life. According to author Daniell Ariely, you might still answer “no” to that question because, he claims, pleasure is usually thought of as momentary and usually connects to things like sitting on the beach drinking mojitos. “The interesting thing is if... Continue Reading

30 Seconds to Safety

December 22, 2016 Comments Off on 30 Seconds to Safety

While we at Healthy Northland promote the health benefits of walking, we also know that, according to the CDC, pedestrians—people who travel by foot, wheelchair, stroller, or similar means—are among the most vulnerable users of the road. No one plans to slip on the ice or get hit by a car. So please take 30 seconds to learn how to... Continue Reading

Go for a Walk

December 12, 2016 Comments Off on Go for a Walk

Hopefully the message is clear: walking is one of the five best exercises you can do to improve your health according to Harvard Health Publications and many other health experts. Walking will help you maintain a healthy weight, and prevent various conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. It will likely help you think better and be more... Continue Reading

NE MN’s Paved Trails: Present and Future

October 17, 2016 Comments Off on NE MN’s Paved Trails: Present and Future

Fall isn’t over yet! There will be many more days to hike, bike, and explore. If you prefer doing that on paved trails we have a few to show you:  59 of them, in fact, spanning a total of 550 miles! In 2016 the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission (ARDC) conducted an inventory of these paved biking and walking paths in Aitkin, Carlton,... Continue Reading

Itasca County kids get bike savvy

January 11, 2016 Comments Off on Itasca County kids get bike savvy

Don’t be surprised if you see school yards and parking lots in Itasca County full of kids on bikes during the school day next spring. These students won’t be playing hooky – they will be building confidence and skills on bikes during the school day thanks to a new bike fleet and bike-savvy teachers. Making it easier for kids to be... Continue Reading

Walking club takes off in Two Harbors

December 18, 2015 Comments Off on Walking club takes off in Two Harbors

Want some extra incentive to stay active this winter? Join the Two Harbors Walking Club, which kicks off on January 11. Just make a commitment to walk regularly, submit your miles weekly and be entered into a drawing for prizes. Walkers can even take their workout indoors by walking the hallways of Two Harbors High School or Minnehaha Elementary School in Two... Continue Reading

Sharrows and bike lanes installed in Cloquet

November 18, 2015 Comments Off on Sharrows and bike lanes installed in Cloquet

Thanks to strong partnerships among the Cloquet Active Living Coalition, the Carlton County Highway Department, the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the City of Cloquet, 14th Street, a main road between Cloquet and Carlton, now has bike lanes and bike sharrows to make pedaling safer. MnDOT installed bridge railings along 14th Street where it passes over Interstate 35 in 2013 in order to officially call the road... Continue Reading